Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Non-Post, Topicless and Vague

So sorry I have not been able to post recently. I'm going to college four days a week; between classes, homework, homeschooling, SCCK and working for my husband, I just don't have much time for spouting off on my blog. I even had such good fodder for a post, what with that psychotic drama teacher who left us hanging a week before Specials started...oh, yeah; I can't post about that anyway because it would be rude to slander her on par with how she is slandering SCCK. Nevermind.

I also have the evil satellite-from-hell, which frustrates me constantly. I really would rather post only when I'm at the office, mooching Wi-Fi off my mother-in-law. I have to remind myself that there are starving children in other countries who would happily consume my cast-off bandwidth. Gratitude - it's all relative.